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21/07/19 Squared Apples Presents ORM3 Framework


Five years in development, members of Squared Apples have recently circulated the Oraganisational Resilience Management Maturity Model (ORM3), presenting it at the Resilience Association in London, and then the Business Continuity Institute in Utrecht, Holland.


Further information is available on the model in the slideshow below, which gives a high level of the research approach and the components of the framework. If you wish to discusss the framework in detail, please contact us here



Organisational Resilience Management Maturity Model (ORM3) Presentation to the 2019 BCI Conference - Utrecht, Holland
Pdf of the slides used at the 2019 BCI seminar in Utrecht, Holland.
BCI NLB Conference 2019- Presentation v[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [2.8 MB]


28/02/18 Launch of Emotional Blocks.


Maintaining our drive to help build better emotional awareness and self resilience within the young adult community, SQUARED APPLES has released its next training tool. 


The tool focuses on creating an understanding of the effect of events onto the individual, through the visualisation of the impact on their self resilience. The event cards explore the various situations that an individual may encounter during their lives, and the outcome on their self– resilience. The tool has been designed to enable it to be used in a number of ways, depending on the age of the audience.


By creating an environment which is promoting discussions around the emotions and their impact, it enables individuals to explore their own feeling and experiences either through self reflection or peer discussion. The tool also enables the session leader to explore social acceptability and pressures to conform through the controlling, rather than managing, of certain emotions to enable individuals to fit into certain social groups.


Please see the information sheet below for more details on the training tool.


Emotional Blocks Information Leaflet
Emotional Blocks info sheet .pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [1.1 MB]


29/01/2018 Launching of Squared Apples Ecommerce Capability


To support our customers who seek to use our training tools or services, SQUARED APPLES has now added a direct Ecommerce capability to the purchasing of our Training Tools and access to the training forums. All you will require is the ability to process payments through PayPal.


As more products come online, we will update you on here to enable you to review and purchase if you wish to use them during your training sessions.


20/01/18 Launching of Emotional Stars Training Tool 


Continuing with the aim to build greater emotional awareness and personal resilience within the classroom and the workplace, SQUARED APPLES has formally launched its first training tool, Emotional Stars.


The tool, through a relaxed gameplay approach, seeks to enable the development of a wider emotional vocabulary among young persons, as well as enabling them to understand how events can impact on their emotions.


The training tool can also be used to discuss emotions through change events, helping individuals identify drivers and impact, as well as assisting with the development emotional intelligence within individuals and teams.


More details on Emotional Stars is available here.


19/10/17  Building Emotional Awareness in the Next Generation

Working with schools, pupils and social service advisors, SQUARED APPLES is focussing on developing greater emotional awareness within the young adult population.


As part of this approach, SQUARED APPLES is creating a number of tools which seek to enhance awareness through play.  This approach will take a diverse approach to the development of resources that will support the development of emotional awareness within schools, academies and colleges. The tools will also be designed to support social servces, foster parents and carers to help develop emotional awareness with young adults in their care.


03/10/17  Building Industry Awareness in Schools

Working with one of our supported charities, Worktree, staff from SQUARED APPLES supported the delivery of an Industry Awareness session within a local Academy. The Career Workout session aimed to enable 14 - 15 year old young people explore concepts around working in industry, discuss potential work experience and what the world of work is like.


This venture by Worktree helps promote a greater understanding between young people and local businesses, helping to identify the talent of tomorrow to allow them to be invested in today. You can find more out about Worktree by following this link or, if you wish to know more about what charities we support, please follow this link.


20/09/17  New Squared Apples Case Studies

As part of SQUARED APPLES ongoing developments, the company has recently uploaded a number of case studies for visitors and interested parties to review. These case studies are designed to demonstrate the variety of skills that are present within SQUARED APPLES to assist your company. 


You can access the case studies following this link.

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