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Resilience Discussion Papers


These SQUARED APPLES discussion papers seek to explore the concept of Resilience across the business and industry sectors. They are aimed at sparking discussion and debate, with the end goal of increasing awareness across buisness sectors.

The Importance of building a Strategic Understanding of Potential Crises: A Comparison of the US Response to Hurricanes Harvey (2017) and Katrina (2005)
Recent lessons and experience from the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, the most severe of storms to strike the US prior to Hurricane Harvey, presented opportunities to mitigate some of the effects of another devastating weather event. As this paper discusses, a number of those lessons have not been fully implemented, while in some areas there have been backward steps since the Trump administration entered the Whitehouse. This paper seeks to generate some thoughts about potential opportunities for business by reviewing how a US organisation responded to Hurricane Katrina, as well as analysing some of the lessons that seem to have been missed when responding to Hurricane Harvey.
Discussion paper 4 - Strategic Awareness[...]
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Discussion Paper 3 - Obtaining the Edge in the Business Market Through Counter Insurgency Know How
In the current chaotic climate that the UK business framework is operating within, we are regularly hearing about the need for greater resilience within individuals, organisations and communities. As businesses are re-adjusting to the financial, psychological, social and reputational impacts of Brexit and are attempting to understand what the future landscape holds for them, resilience has become identified as the key strategic element that organisations, no matter their size or framework, require to stay afloat during these changing times.
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  • Charles Thomas (Wednesday, December 21 16 09:32 am GMT)

    I have found my working life frustrated by a lack of various characteristics in the management systems and managers I have worked within and for over the nearly forty years since Commissioning into the Territorial Army and my subsequent rise up the c of c to Command. Principles of War, Seven Questions and the Orders process - the military at large - are all very adaptable to the business, and public service, world. I found the paper insightful. I must read papers 1 and 2 which I now see are below.

  • manicure (Monday, April 24 17 04:35 am BST)

    You have made some decent points there. I looked on the net for more information about
    the issue and found most individuals will go along with your views on this

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Clausewitz, the Military and Building Organisational Resilience in Today’s Complex Operating Environment.
In contrast to the Cold War experience of inter-state conflict framed by the interests and postulations of two super powers, the blurring of the tactical, operational and strategic boundaries has become increasingly common. Corporate and military actions are now intertwined, with each affecting the potential success of the other. The ability for the military, business sectors, law enforcement agencies and government departments to work together to develop national resilience through the creation of organisational resilience is critical to enable the UK commercial and industrial sectors to thrive during these difficult and turbulent times.
Paper 2_Clausewitz, the Military and Bui[...]
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Discussion Paper No.1 - What is Resilience?
This first paper in a series seeks to explore the concept of Resilience within the business world. The ideas and concepts discussed seek to create discussion and debate around the topic in the bid to increase awareness and understanding.
28042016_Squared Apples discussion paper[...]
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  • Aaron Gracey (Tuesday, May 10 16 09:47 pm BST)

    Hi Charlie,

    Thanks for the feedback on the paper, I have tweaked the comment as requested.

  • Charley Newnham (Monday, May 09 16 03:07 pm BST)

    Hello. It's a paper that reads well and may be useful to those who've never thought about the origins of organisational resilinece before. But could I possibly ask for a couple of little corrections
    to the paper?

    There is a line that says, "Charlotte Newnham, from Price Waterhouse Cooper (PWC) also utilises the definition from the Oxford dictionary a year later in her MSc Paper which states that: “the ability
    of a substance or object to spring back into shape, or the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness." - but in context I only used the dictionary definition in the work to explain
    that it needs to be dismissed in favour of the one more closely aligned to the one we put in BS65000! I know it's a pain to do a correction, but could I ask you to fully correct or remove that line
    (or cite the dictionary directly so you can also dismiss it)?

    Also, could you possibly change the "Charlotte Newnham from PwC"? I did not work at PwC when the paper was written so they cannot be connected.

    With thanks - and apologies for being picky - and hello - it's been ages!

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