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SQUARED APPLES brings a level of professional knowledge to the integration of disruptive event management, emergency planning, decision making and problem solving, mapped to the needs of the individual, team and business. Based on professional knowledge, the team brings together experienced personnel and business leaders together to develop successful products for your company.


Embedded within the team are individuals experienced in social care issues, strategic incident management, business continuity, emotional resilience and strategic leadership. SQUARED APPLES will work with staff internal to your organisation to develop innovative solutions for the creation of a resilience culture within the business.


Please click on the Products page on the left to see what offerings we can currently provide to your business. Alternatively, please contact us and discover how our qualified team can help you develop your capability, understanding and knowledge through advice, engagement, business strategy development and training event creation.


Business Agility

SQUARED APPLES offers the support and advice from practitioners to develop your organisation.

Our team are skilled in the application of dynamic decision making skills in complex, multi-agency situations, enabling SQUARED APPLES to assist you in the development of your business in this area.

SQUARED APPLES staff have worked in strategic roles critical to national resilience and seek to empart this knowledge to your business.







Business Mentoring

SQUARED APPLES offers tailored business coaching to small or medium sized organisations.

From objective setting through to staff development plans and creating strategy, SQUARED APPLES can assist in the development of your business through staff engagement, workshops or seminars.

SQUARED APPLES team members are also trained in NLP and can assist with personnel and individual development projects within your organisation.

Strategic Planning

SQUARED APPLES staff can support the development of your business through enhancing strategic thinking and planning. 

With experience from the Ministry of Defence, private sectors, Industry and local councils, SQUARED APPLES personnel can advise on strategic leadership and executive management issues. 

The SQUARED APPLES team can also assist in helping you identify the culture that is within your business and help develop a road map for change.





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