"The leader that wins a conflict makes many calculations beforehand; the leader that fails to win a conflict makes few calculations beforehand. If few calculations causes defeat, what will no calculations lead to?"


Sun Tzu 



SQUARED APPLES vision is the promotion of a Resilience culture within organisations through the circulation of best practice; the building of staff capability; and driving enhanced employee engagement. This is underpinned by the development of strategic leadership and key corporate security skills in order to create a holistic model of Resilience within UK industry.

Mission statement

SQUARED APPLES mission is the development a resilience culture throughout UK industry. This will be done through the following approaches;

  • Circulation of research into Resilience, at all levels;
  • The creation of a resilience culture in the UK industry base through consultation, guidance, and provision of subject matter experts;
  • The engagement with local forums and business support groups to educate on writing and testing of resilience plans;
  • The design, development and delivery of resilience based training for small, medium and large organisations; and
  • The creation of bespoke education packages for various sectors to build resilience at a personal and organisational level.

Promoting the Resilience debate

SQUARED APPLES is a leading organisation in the Resilience debate. Regarded as a thought leader, the concepts and ideas developed by our staff have been used in the development of national resilience policy, guidance and implementation documents. 


SQUARED APPLES' staff have a wealth of experience across a number of private and public sectors. This knowledge can be utilised to benefit the building of resilience capability within your organisation.

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