Building Resilience through leadership
Building Resilience through leadership


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19/10/17  Building Emotional Awareness in the Next Generation

Working with schools, pupils and social service advisors, SQUARED APPLES is focussing on developing greater emotional awareness within the young adult population.


As part of this approach, SQUARED APPLES is creating a number of tools which seek to enhance awareness through play.  This approach will take a diverse approach to the development of resources that will support the development of emotional awareness within schools, academies and colleges. The tools will also be designed to support social servces, foster parents and carers to help develop emotional awareness with young adults in their care.

03/10/17  Building Industry Awareness in Schools

Working with one of our supported charities, Worktree, staff from SQUARED APPLES supported the delivery of an Industry Awareness session within a local Academy. The Career Workout session aimed to enable 14 - 15 year old young people explore concepts around working in industry, discuss potential work experience and what the world of work is like.


This venture by Worktree helps promote a greater understanding between young people and local businesses, helping to identify the talent of tomorrow to allow them to be invested in today. You can find more out about Worktree by following this link or, if you wish to know more about what charities we support, please follow this link.

20/09/17  New Squared Apples Case Studies

As part of SQUARED APPLES ongoing developments, the company has recently uploaded a number of case studies for visitors and interested parties to review. These case studies are designed to demonstrate the variety of skills that are present within SQUARED APPLES to assist your company. 


You can access the case studies following this link.

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