Training and Consultancy

Our Training and Consultancy Support to Business

Learning Needs Analysis

As part of the course development process, SQUARED APPLES staff are experiened in the undertaking of a Learning Needs Analysis. Working with your teams, the staff can clearly articulate the training need, delivery requirements and wider learning framework.

Course Design

Building upon the outputs from the Learning Needs Analysis, SQUARED APPLES staff will work with you to design a training solution to meet your requirement. SQUARED APPLES Learning Development Advisors (LDAs) are qualified and experienced in the design of bespoke learning solutions.

Course Material Development

SQUARED APPLES LDAs are experienced in developing course material that focuses on both the technical and behaviour requirements of the designed learning solution.

Building upon experience obtained in both the private and public sector, our LDAs can provide course material to enahnce the delivery of your training needs.

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