SQUARED APPLES personnel specialise in the design, development and implementation of crisis management and resilience training events. The team is experienced in working across a number of private and public sectors, drawing upon extensive knowledge in strategic decision making and stakeholder engagement within complex, dynamic and hazardous environments.


SQUARED APPLES understands the need for organisations to feel confident to face any business interruption within the modern world. Our approach is targeted at developing a resilience culture within the organisation. This is conducted through:


  • Focusing on the needs of the workforce;
  • Identifying processes and areas of continuous improvement;
  • Building the capability of the organisational structure to survive large scale shocks; and
  • Development of strong cross departmental communication frameworks


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We at SQUARED APPLES treat Organisational Resilience as a strategic people centric domain, requiring executive leadership and a holistic corporate approach. People learn best from their experiences, as individuals or teams. Working with you, we will share our extensive experience within the following areas to develop tailored packages for your company:


  • Crisis management;
  • Decision making and response planning;
  • Resource synchronisation;
  • Business continuity;
  • Operations management;
  • Strategic communications;
  • Staff event training design, development and process assessment;
  • Exercising;
  • Red Teaming; and
  • Lessons identification and implementation.


We believe that the most potent element of an organisation is its people and that people learn best from experience. Learning from mistakes in a safe environment offers the potential to obtain significant business operational insights. Our team of international consultants will advise on the development of strategy, practices and procedures to support the creation of a resilience culture across the organisation.


Through understanding the various risks facing your company, SQUARED APPLES' advisors will enable your organisation to prepare contingency plans, develop training and build education packages for your staff. This will enable better protection for:


  • Your people;
  • Your assets;
  • Your supply chain and stakeholders;
  • Your reputation; and
  • Your organisation's resilience.
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