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SQUARED APPLES is a thought leader on the subject of organisational resilience, merging corporate security activities with the development of leadership and management across an organisation. Aligned with a learning mentality, this approach enables an organisation to build a holistic resilience culture, providing long term stability and sustainability in today's market place.


SQUARED APPLES is conducting market leading research within the domain of the resilience capability within UK industry. Our team has consulted on the development of British Standards, working with government departments to enhance UK resilience. Case studies and research indicated that the subject and understanding of resilience is still poor across a large number of business sectors, and at all levels.


SQUARED APPLES now seeks to develop a resilience culture through leadership, training, education and strategy. SQUARED APPLES consultants work with organisations to develop the concept of Organisational Resilience through an Adaptive Leadership approach. The ability to bring the years of leadership and managerial experience from a number of sectors into business enables the creation of a culture of resilience for the future.


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If you wish to utilise the services of SQUARED APPLES in order to develop a resilience culture within your organisation speak to us directly. Our consultants are experienced in the critical areas of resilience, including:


  • Crisis Management
  • Disruptive Event Management
  • Business Continuity
  • Emergency Planning
  • Training & Development
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Strategic Communications
  • Decision Making
  • Emotional Resilience


Please contact us below for further information on our services and products.


SQUARED APPLES Staff capabilities


SQUARED APPLES staff have over 25 years’ experience in the disciplines of; organisational resilience; continuity planning and management; crisis management; risk and consequence awareness; business operations and management; organisational learning and staff development; business transformation through training and education interventions; evaluation and quality assurance.


As an organisation, SQUARED APPLES has been involved in several resilience building activities in support of organisations. These include conducting business impact analysis; training needs analysis; evaluation of strategic business resilience planning and management across government sectors; and development of resilience capability within teams and organisations.  Recently SQUARED APPLES staff have reviewed the development of strategic resilience capability of a government department and advising on how to develop it to be more responsive and effective.


SQUARED APPLES has advised the Cabinet Office and the Ministry of Defence on the development of the national standard for Organisational Resilience and the implementation of Strategic Resilience Management for the UK. Staff have academic and practitioner experience in this field, with individuals holding PhD awards for their research. SQUARED APPLES staff are also trained in the JESIP (Joint Emergency Services Interoperability Programme) principles and has been crisis management trained by the UK Military, Cabinet Office and the Rail Industry.


Staff have also been involved in comsulting with business on the development of greater capability through better staff engagement, development and education. Team members are practitioners in Business Continuity, Crisis Management and Mangement of Risk, as well as being qualified in adult education. SQUARED APPLES stafff are also recognised university lecturers at the UK Resilience Centre and the University of Birmingham.


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