SQUARED APPLES LEARNING is part of the wider SQUARED APPLES framework which promotes the learning and development aspect of both organisational and individual resilience. Here you can explore the resiliency training tools that we have on offer, or take part in one of our self-teach events that are available on the website. 


Resilience development options

Resilience development options provided by our team.

Personal Resilience Development Tools

As part of the work to build resilience within organisations, SQUARED APPLES worked with several experts to develop a suite of engaging tools to help individuals to build their own levels of resilience.


Click below to explore the resilience development tools that SQUARED APPLES offers.

Training and Education Consultancy services

Explore the self-teach options that are available from SQUARED APPLES to assist you in the development of your iindividual or organisational resilience.

Delivery ideas

Options on how to utilise the resilience development tools with your audiences for maximum benefit for the individual.


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