Less than 200 people within the UK possess the blend of military influence operations, operational planning, red teaming and industry sector knowledge that SQUARED APPLES personnel have. 

 "People will obey willingly only those who they percieve to be better qualified or more knowledgeable than themselves in a particular situation."


John Adair


SQUARED APPLES provides individually tailored training, education and development for workforces, managers and executive teams. We use a combination of social intelligence, management training tools, academic research and practically based training, supported by focussed exercises to build capability and resiliency. We work with our clients to improve their performance in leadership, communication, teamwork and planning skills to obtain the ultimate result of improving business effectiveness, reducing stress on staff, organisational sustainability, increased opportunities and income generation. 

SQUARED APPLES utilises high calibre staff development advisers and business mentors with proven track records. With background experience from the military, local government, the education sector, academic research and industry, our staff can provide you with specific advice to assist in the development of your business and leadership models. Our staff have worked as advisors with The Cabinet Office on the development of BS:65000 Organisational Resilience and the MoD on the development of national guidance document JDP 02: Defence Contribution to UK Resilience Operations. As thought leaders, SQUARED APPLES has presented at the BCI World Conference and to the London Corporate Security and Resilience Networks (CSARN) group on the subject of building Organisational Resilience.

Research Sharing

Our specialists are conducting doctoral level research into the resilience of organisations and business building capability.. They have worked with Local Councils, the Ministry of Defence, Cabinet Office and strategic elements of Industry and Academia.



Managing Change

Our staff are available to assist your organisation to plan, prepare, manage and recover from disruptive change events. This can be done through consultation, table top exercises, the use of Red Teaming or the review of practices and procedures.

Staff Development

Our staff have over 30 years in managing complex and emotional situations at the tactical and operational level. They are willing to share this with you to help build your organisational resilience.


What can SQUARED APPLES offer you?

Leadership development and education using lessons from the Armed Forces.

Staff learning and development consultation, guidance and support.

Building Business Continuity awareness within your teams and business.

Developing and delivering Incident Management training and exercises.

Educational support to develop Learning Needs Analysis and staff learning requirements.

Organisational Resilience leadership developmement packages.

SQUARED APPLES Resilience Training Tools.

Emotional Stars

Emotional Stars offers the ability to empower others to embrace change through building emotional awareness and an understanding of personal resilience.




Cost: £20 per set


Pandora is a large, complex puzzle that offers the ideal icebreaker session, or, if integrated into your workshop, the ability to enhance communication and problem solving skills vital for managing  change.


Cost: £150 (90cm x 90cm)

         £250 (180cm x 180cm)

Emotional Blocks

Emotional Blocks offers the ability to empower others to build their emotional intelligence and personal resilience through play and social engagement.





Cost: £30 per set

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