Only 20% of all new businesses survive the first five years; of those that do survive, another 60% fail due to poor leadership. 


What does your future hold?

Building Resilience for Today's Business

Welcome to the specialists in developing organisational resilience through leadership.

Modern business threats:

From Black Swans, Creeping Tide events and complex internal disruptions, today's businesses operate within a world that is volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. This creates uncertainity, concern and risks to business survival.


It takes many years to build a business and five minutes to ruin it. We at SQUARED APPLES would like to help you prevent that from happening.

Who we are:

SQUARED APPLES is a group of experienced consultants who will work with your leadership team to develop the means to create and sustain your resilience culture.


Together we can create the required training, education and tools to empower your staff, tailored to your needs.


This will embed both personal and team resilience frameworks, sustaining a resilience culture across your business.

What can we offer you?

Based on industry and academic knowledge nad experience, SQUARED APPLES can provide multiple training and staff development opportunities to improve your resilience capabilities.


Based on best practice and up to date analysis, SQUARED APPLES products are mapped to industry requirements and international standards.

Key Training Dates


06 - 10 Dec 21Certified Business Continiuity Practitioner (UK)



14 - 18 Feb 22:

Introduction to Change Management (Cyprus)


28 Feb - 04 Mar 22:

Certified Business Continiuity Practitioner (UK)


21 Mar - 25 Mar 22:

Introduction to Project Management (Cyprus)


18 - 22 Apr 22: Certified Business Continiuity Practitioner (UK)

Latest News

Upcoming events 

SQUARED APPLES is providing support the next Resilience Association's webinar to increase awareness around IT and cyber communications resilience and the implications for business. For previous webinars that discuss resilience issues, click on the link below.


Armed Forces Covenant update

SQUARED APPLES is providing staff to work with the UK military, as reservists, to build and sustain long term people capability within Defence.

Thought leadership update

SQUARED APPLES is supporting the work being done to develop the UK Resilience Strategy by working with the University of Wolverhampton's Policy Research Unit. Please click below to find out more.

Training delivery update

SQUARED APPLES has recently agreed to work in partnership with the UK wing of the Disaster Recovery Institute (DRI UK) to build greater Operational Resilience capability across the UK and Europe. SQUARED APPLES is already working with the Resilience Association to promote the need for greater resilience awareness within UK industry.

Conferences and engagement

Find out what events and conferences SQUARED APPLES has been involved in, and copies of presentations and videos from the events.

Other articles

Reflection on resilience through several case studies that have been developed by SQUARED APPLES as part of their resilience work with other organisations. 

 "People will obey willingly only those who they perceive to be better qualified or more knowledgeable than themselves in a particular situation."


John Adair

Who you are:

You are an organisation which aims to manage and thrive in the current competitive market you operate within. You aim to survive any disruptive event through experience, preparation and strong leadership.


Your leadership team have demonstrated strong management skills, expressed the organisation's values through their actions and place the well-being of the business and staff at the heart of what they do.

What you seek:

You seek to build a strong culture of resilience throughout the organisation, developing the skills and capabilities of your staff.  The creation of a well-balanced, agile workplace, comfortable with change is your goal, to obtain the edge within the markets you operate within.


Through strong leadership, embedded governance and a strong business intelligence framework,  you have identified the need to foster a resilience culture through staff development, organisational practices and company values. 

How can we help?

SQUARED APPLES delivers organisational resilience, business continuity and change management training and advice to your business. This enables you to survive disruptive events.


SQUARED APPLES possesses a blend of military influence operations, operational planning, red teaming and industry sector knowledge. SQUARED APPLES personnel have several years of experience with each of these sectors.  


SQUARED APPLES approach will assist you in developing your organisation and your team.


Affiliate Organisations

Click on the logo to find out more about the organisations.


The key objective of Acertia is to give organizations full confidence in the effectiveness of their resilience and business continuity plans - through delivery of proportionate consultancy and training. SQUARED APPLES is working with them, through support to training, online events and conferences, to build greater awareness of resilience within the UK and Europe.



Disaster Recovery Institute International (DRI) is the oldest and largest nonprofit that helps organizations around the world prepare for and recover from disasters by providing education, accreditation, and thought leadership. Founded in 1988, DRI has certified 15,000+ resilience professionals in 100+ countries and at 95 percent of Fortune 100 companies. SQUARED APPLES is working with them, through the delivery of training, to build greater awareness of resilience within the UK and Europe.



Cyberfort provides Consultancy services to deliver Security frameworks (e.g. ISO27001, GDPR etc), Hosting and Pen Testing. Combining technology, people, and expertise, we help make our clients and the world a more resilient and safer place. SQUARED APPLES is working with them, through conferences and webinars, to build greater awareness of resilience within the UK and Europe.






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