Building Resilience through leadership
Building Resilience through leadership

Developing Resilience Through Leadership

 "People will obey willingly only those who they percieve to be better qualified or more knowledgeable than themselves in a particular situation."


John Adair

Welcome to the Specialists in Developing Organisational Resilience

SQUARED APPLES provides individually tailored training, education and development for workforces, managers and executive teams. We use a combination of social intelligence, management training tools, academic research and practically based training, supported by focussed exercises to build capability and resiliency. We work with our clients to improve their performance in leadership, communication, teamwork and planning skills to obtain the ultimate result of improving business effectiveness, reducing stress on staff, organisational sustainability, increased opportunities and income generation. 

SQUARED APPLES utilises high calibre capability development advisers and business mentors with proven track records. With background experience from the military, local government, the education sector, academic research and industry, our staff can provide specific advice to assist in the development of your business and leadership models. Our staff have worked as advisors with The Cabinet Office on the development of BS:65000 Organisational Resilience and the MoD on the development of national guidance document JDP 02: Defence Contribution to UK Resilience Operations. As thought leaders, SQUARED APPLES has presented at the BCI World Conference and to the London Corporate Security and Resilience Networks (CSARN) group on the subject of building Organisational Resilience.

Through the use of our specialised Industry Holistic Approach to Learning Development (IHALD) Tool, we develop bespoke packages to meet the client’s individual requirements. Through focussed learning and development activities, Leadership and Management, team members will have the opportunity to work outside of their daily comfort zones within a safe and supportive environment. The sessions are based on interactive events, self-reflection, group work and team development exercises.

All of SQUARED APPLES' training materials are underpinned with academic knowledge and industry experience, with all our staff have recognised business skills and academic qualifications. Whether you seek to build continued professional development within your subject area, or seek to venture into a new career aspect, SQUARED APPLES can provide the support, training and advice to build your capability, as an individual and an organisation.

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Our specialists will assist you in the development of  the leadership and management of your business through advice, support and education events.


We offer consultancy across a diverse range of areas to help build your resilience and help you deliver fast, high quality and sustained results.


Get expert advice on staff capability development for your business from our highly skilled team of international professionals.

Guidance and Advice on Developing Organisational Resilience

All training and development events delivered by SQUARED APPLES are underpinned through the application of British or International Standards. Specific subjects, such as Business Continuity or Crisis Management, will refer to respective discipline standards; e.g. ISO:22301 or BS11200.


At a strategic level is the Capstone document of BS65000:2014 Organisational Resilience, which provides over-arching direction on the development and sustainment of organisational resilience. The aims and principles of these documents have been reviewed and recommended by UK Government as best practice for private and public sector organisations to adopt.


While policy can set the end state and give direction the way to achieve it through corporate strategy, how it is delivered is dependent upon the leaders, managers and workforce to implement the correct practices, procedures and culture to develop resilience as a core function of the organisation.

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