Charity and Volunteering Support to the Community

As part of the wider building resilience within the community. SQUARED APPLES seeks to work with local and national charities to build community resilience. In this section we capture the work we have done to date to demonstrate that building resilience is focussed on the human element.


Contact us if you think that you can use the skill sets of the team to support the work that your organisation is doing in the local community.


Support to the Officers' Association


Working with the Officers' Association, SQUARED APPLES has worked to raise the profile of the capability of service personnel within UK businesses. Support has also been given to the wider Armed Forces community through ongoing support, attendence at events and promotion of the capabilities of the Armed Forces Reserves. SQUARED APPLES Staff have attended OA recruitment events and helped bridge the knowledge gap between industry and the Armed Forces.


Support to Worktree Charity


As part of the local community within Milton Keynes, SQUARED APPLES has worked with the Worktree charity to help promote the importance of industry to the next generation.


Through the support to the school engagements, SQUARED APPLES help raise the awareness of children about the importance of understanding industry and Armed Forces opportunities. Support to the charity is ongoing.


Support to Combat Stress


SQUARED APPLES staff have provided ongoing support to Combat Stress, helping to build the awareness of organisation and the ongoing support that the Armed Forces recieves from the charity.


SQUARED APPLES staff have supported engagement events, conferences and raised funds for the organisation. In 2016, SQUARED APPLES  raised just under £500 for the charity through running the York marathon.


Support to Young Minds Charity


Working in support of the Young Minds charity, SQUARED APPLES have sought to raise the profile on mental health in young people. SQUARED APPLES have provided support through the raffle events, sponsored runs and the development of a blog. In 2016 SQUARED APPLES staff raised £500 through running the York marathon and have offered ongoing support to the organisation.


Support to Hire a Hero


Members of SQUARED APPLES provide support to ex-service members through fund raising events, business consultation and career coaching for those leaving the forces.

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